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Auto Detailing: How its performed

It is never easy to entrust your car to an outside entity for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance. It is always a good idea to understand the process of detailing before you enter into any contract or agreement. Here is the review of the whole process including some tips picked from the experts.

Car Auto Detailing


The vehicle’s interior is normally the biggest area of the detailing project. Experts take the seats out to gain complete access to the side panels, carpet, and other gaps. Mats of the floor are also taken out and thoroughly cleaned using separate cleansers that are designed for taking care of the carpet and plastic combination without damaging them. Windows are lowered initially so that they can be cleaned from the very edge. After the top edge is dried and cleaned the window is slowly rolled up to clean the rest of the area.

One must remember that every cleaner is different and cleaners for washing windows are made with different formulations. For other plastic covers and side panels, a nonabrasive plastic cleanser is utilized followed by thorough rinsing and drying. The carpet is cleaned meticulously as well and any stains are removed with the help of carpet cleaning techniques. Most stains cannot be cleaned using soapy water or vinegar and require stronger, more potent ingredients. One must always spot test an inobtrusive area of the car carpet to make sure the integrity of the fibers is not harmed when using a certain method. After the insiders are properly cleaned, washed and dried make sure to replace the seats, special care has to be taken to re-secure and reconnect any wires that help in automatic positioning of the seats.

Engine bay

The vehicle’s engine bay is another part where auto detailers spend a lot of time. De-greasers are used for getting rid of any grease, soot, or deposit from the hood. Such chemicals are extremely potent and it is important to wear gloves while using them. Wet towels are draped along the exposed areas where there's a possibility that the chemicals may damage the paintwork. Any part that holds sensitive electronics or computer boards have to be treated discretely and should not be cleaned with cleansers. Wiping them simply using a clean cloth is generally enough.


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Outer body

The outside of the vehicle is normally cleaned in the end as it necessitates a good amount of time and attention. The bumper, side step areas, wheel wells, and back bumper have to be cleaned individually and all the chrome finishes must be polished. The whole vehicle has to be washed, polished, and then examined for any dirt. Several car detailing companies utilize a special putty that picks up dirt and debris often missed by usual cleaning. This cleaning clay or putty is easily available through wholesalers who service the auto industry or through reputed auto shops.

Professional car cleaning companies offer a broad range of services that are performed by skilled and trained staff members to ensure a proper and thorough cleaning. The costing of auto detailing does not just cover expensive equipment and chemicals but also the experience and knowledge of the staff.