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Reasons to Choose a Local Auto Body Shop Near You

Local Auto Body Shop Near Me
Choosing the right auto body shop for repair is a tough decision for many, as if being in a car collision was not stressful enough. However careful we are, minor collisions and breakdowns can still happen. While this happens, it is vital to bring the vehicle back to its original shape, and thus, finding the right auto body shop becomes essential. Most people would suggest you to use search options like “auto body shop near me” to get the fastest help in emergency cases. But if you have time to consider alternatives, a local auto body shop might still be the best option, and we are here to explain why.

1. Saves you money

The cost of repair is the first thing that revolves in our minds after getting over the shock of being in a collision. There are overhead costs involved with dealerships since there are more staff members, and they usually charge on an hourly basis. Thus there is an excellent chance of you being talked into getting more repairs than your vehicle needs.

Auto body shops are usually locally owned and have limited but skilled staff. Most auto body shops provide a free estimate which you can compare with other shops or dealerships. Also, you won’t be pushed into getting extra services.

2. Saves you time

An auto body shop near your house is a better choice than the one in another area. Usually, when people ask for suggestions, they forget the transportation cost of getting it repaired from the long-distance shop.

Apart from the money lost due to this to and from transportation, it might also extend the days you spend without your vehicle. Getting the repair done from the local auto body shop can save you both the extra time and money.

3. Friendly staff

When you decide to go with the local auto body shop, there are chances that you are already acquainted with the staff. Usually, local auto body shops have a good networking chain in the particular area, and so it would also be easier to get reviews about the shop from your neighbors.

Friendly staff means that negotiation is possible and less rigid rules. Dealerships usually go with the brand parts for repair, which costs you more. On the other hand, local auto body shops would provide you with a variety of options from which you can make your choice.

4. Quality of repair

Dealerships often have staff meet strict deadlines for completing their weekly or monthly targets. This can lead the team to hurry through the repair resulting in subpar works. Technicians who work on a commission basis (common with dealerships) would be more focused on increasing the number of repairs than being concerned about the quality.

Local auto body shops often have the owners as one of the staff, which means that the quality of the work done is more important for their business. Also, with local auto body shops, all kinds of services are available, starting from removing scratches to collision repair. Dealerships are sometimes known to turn down simple jobs.

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