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How do you Maintain a Car after Detailing?

How do you Maintain a Car after Detailing?
The shine of a car that you had detailed recently is unparalleled. Auto detailing can make your car look brand new, and it is normal to have the urge to keep that shine as long as possible. What if we say that you can maintain the shine for a long time with a bit of effort on your part. Here are some of how you can maintain the look of your freshly detailed car. Before that, are you looking for a shop to detail your vehicle? Try using search options like "car detailing near me" to find the nearest shop that offers the service.

1. Wipe the glasses

We will start with the task you will have to perform most frequently. Glasses are the parts of the vehicle that gets dirty fast. Don't let the dust accumulate on the glasses, and clean them at least once a week. A quick wipe through the glasses will not take long, but it can create an ample difference in the car's overall look.

You can use glass spray to clean it since a recently detailed car coat will be provided with glass sealants which helps improve durability. These sealants repel water but might not last for long. If you find that the bonds are peeling off, you can keep it topped up with water-repellent glass spray.

Other than glass, clean the windscreen wipers and the trims since accumulated dirt on them can make the glasses dirty.

2. Wash your car 

Washing your car is the first step in maintaining a good look, and this will help the overall look but, most importantly, will avoid the degradation of the paintwork. The dirt, grit, and contaminants that accumulate on the vehicle's exterior can create a dull look making the paint rust with time.

When auto detailing is done recently, the professionals remove all these accumulated contaminants, resulting in a brand new look. We recommend you wash your car every 1 or 2 weeks to maintain the shine since this can help your paint remain smooth.

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3. Vacuum the interior

Most of us will be too focused on the exterior and ignore the interior. While cleaning the exterior might make you feel good, washing the car interior will keep you healthy. We spend most of our time inside the car while driving, and thus the interior must be clean and fresh.

Wipe the seats and surfaces of the car with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Do not forget the vehicle's carpet since it is the part that gets dirty fast. It is recommended to clean the car's interior every 1-2 weeks. But if there are any spillages, make sure to clean them immediately.

4. Deep clean the interior

Seats of the car tend to accumulate a lot of dust, pet hair, and debris. You might find a lot of lost treasure when you stick your hand in the crease of the seats. Thus, at least once a month, deep clean the seats. You can use upholstery cleaner to wipe the seats after deep cleaning and vacuuming.

5. Take care of the coat

It is time to pay special attention to your vehicle's paintwork at least onceevery2 months. After you clean the exterior of your car, you will have to apply a wax coating or seal to maintain the look of the paintwork. 

Other than this, take the time to clean the tires if you want your car to look like it was just out of an auto detailing session.

A Superior Collision Shop

All these might sound exhausting, but each process might not even take 15-20 minutes of your time. Thus make it a habit to schedule the cleaning regularly. At Superior Collision Shop, we can help you with the auto detailing or even your regular cleaning when you can't make the time. Check out the services offered by us at