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How Do You Know If Your Car Has Structural Damage?

How Do You Know If Your Car Has Structural Damage?
Car accidents usually leave us shaken, but it is essential to be thorough with the repairs. There are often structural damages that aren't visible on the surface. It might take some additional drives to recognize these damages, and sometimes it can even compromise the safety of your vehicle. Thus if you get into a car accident, be it even a minor one, make sure to get it thoroughly checked and get the structural repairs done. You can search options like "auto body shop near me" to find the nearest repair shop.

The vehicle's frame makes up for its structural parts and acts as the foundation that supports the mechanical and cosmetic parts of the car. Repairs to the structure are considered to be structural repairs, and they are costly to fix. But leaving them unrepaired can pose a threat to your life and the lives of people traveling in your vehicle.

Signs of structural damage in your car

Here are some of the common signs which indicate that the car has suffered structural damage. 

1. Bending in the frame

After the accident, makes sure to check the frame of your car thoroughly. The vehicle's structure is covered with various body panels, but you can notice bending on the frame when you look closely.

You should also check the car for other abnormalities like rust, creases, or cracks on the frame and the vehicle's exterior. If you don't notice any bending, get under your car and then, using a flashlight, check the structure below. A damaged frame can lead to many safety and mechanical issues making it essential to fix it immediately.

2.Improper car alignment

Even if the structural damages have escaped your eyes, it is highly possible that you would feel it while taking the vehicle for a ride. The car tends to pull towards one direction while driving, and it might need extra correction to get it on track.

This is a common problem after an accident, and realignment can usually fix this problem. But if you experience this problem even after getting your car realigned by a professional, it might indicate your car needing structural repairs.

3. Ill-fitting components

If there is frame damage involved, you might spot it by looking at the car doors and windows. Since the frame is damaged, it might not fit well, causing the doors and windows not to close properly even if there aren't any problems with latches.

Check for gaps between the frame of the car and the windows or doors and bent bumpers. If you find any of these presents, you need to take your vehicle to inspect structural damage.

4. Unusual noises from the vehicle

Structural damages might cause the vehicle to creak and let out some unusual noises from the different parts of your car. You might find these strange noises harmless, but they might indicate the possibility of larger frame damage. 

When the needed structural repairs are not done, then it can lead to far more expensive repairs. If you notice any of these noises coming from your vehicle, make sure to get it checked by a professional.

5. Uneven wear of car parts

Frame damage can shift the car's weight to one side, leading to a lack of balance. This will make the parts of your vehicle, like shocks and suspension on one side, wear faster than the other side.

If you feel like your car is destabilized while driving, check out the parts and compare them. One side of your suspension and shocks might be worn off more than the other side, and this can, in turn, cause uneven wearing of the tires too. This uneven wearing can make it difficult for your car to connect with the road, thus increasing the chance of another accident.

6. Poor wheel tracking

If your car has poor wheel tracking, you will have difficulty driving in a straight line. Your vehicle will start to veer to the side or diagonally. This indicates damage to the car frame and the need for structural repairs.

A Superior Collision Shop

Structural damage can compromise the safety of your car, and thus it is necessary to get the repairs done by a trained auto body technician. If you were involved in an accident, make sure to get your car checked out before taking it for a drive. Be it simple cosmetic repairs or significant structural repairs; we can help you. Visit us at