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What is Car Paint Restoration and When Do I Need It?

Don’t we all want our cars to look like the ones in the Fast and Furious saga? To achieve that, it is important to maintain the car well. But, however well we maintain a car, there will be inevitable wear and tear from the sun, rain and other factors.

The vehicle’s paint job is one of the first to get affected and this can make your car look dull. Car Paint Restoration will help you address that damage and help your car shine like new. If you are thinking of getting your car paint restored, visit our Auto Body Shop in Campbell.

What is Car Paint Restoration?

Car paint restoration is a paint touch up for your car to keep it looking good. It is important to do one every few years. If the Car Painting is done when the damage to the car is minimal then it would cost you much less than when it becomes severe.

Usually, the damage to the car should be repaired before the Car Painting is done. The process of car paint restoration can vary, depending on the extent of damage. It is important to find an experienced professional to do the job. If done well, the difference can be dramatic. 

When do I need car paint restoration?

You can figure out if your car needs a paint job by paying attention to the changes on your car. The damages may not be glaring at first but you need to keep a watchful eye. Make it a routine to check for these small changes in your car once a week or atleast once a month. 

Different kinds of paint restoration

1. Light paint restoration

If there aren’t any noticeable damages to the car paint but you want it to shine, you can do a light paint restoration. This will involve simple processes like washing or clay barring and will focus on the exterior of the vehicle. 

It will remove minor water spots and light scratches from your vehicle. This type of Car Paint Restoration is recommended for relatively new vehicles and will restore the gloss and smoothness of the paint.

2. Medium paint restoration

If there are noticeable scratches to the car, then it is time to go with medium paint restoration. Again, the process starts with washing the car and clay barring. 

The defects must be repaired before moving on to polishing. The paint haze is usually buffed out with good wax and then oxidation damages are also taken care of. After this, the finishing stage will involve bringing back the gloss and depth of the paint.

3. Full paint restoration

In cases where the car is severely damaged, as in the case of an accident, you might have to do a full paint restoration.

Full paint restoration will take care of all the damages and help make the car look brand new. This might cost you more than the light and medium Car Paint Restoration but the result would be worth it.

If you want the paint job to last for a long time, try the ceramic painting.

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