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5 Signs that Your Car Needs Auto Body Painting Services

5 Signs that Your Car Needs Auto Body Painting Services
We understand that your car is precious to you. Every scratch and dent might have a story, but they are not helping the longevity of your car. Most people do not feel the need to repaint their car unless there is a major incident involved, like an accident or such.

But exterior painting job for your car is as important as providing attention to the internal features. Thus we recommend you to try auto body painting for your car before the paint starts flaking or fading. Here are 5 signs that your car needs a repainting job as soon as possible.

1. Accidents

Accidents are one of the obvious reasons why your car would need some touch-up. Even if it is a minor accident and you notice only a ding or a slight dent, it is best to examine your car since this can lead to serious issues. 

These small dents or scratches can later lead to bubbling and peeling away of the paint making the car body vulnerable to rust. If you want your car to look as good as new and also last for a long time, it would be best to visit an auto body painting specialist who can estimate the damages and provide plausible solution.

2. Rust issues

There might be a number of reasons why your car is affected by rust. As mentioned before, a small scratch can lead to rusting or it might be because of the car exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. 

If you start noticing rust patches, bubbling paint, or deformed patches of paint on the exterior of your car, you will have to take immediate action since rust issues can quickly lead to deterioration of your car. 


Scratches can cause great damage to your car, even if they do not appear to be very deep. You might consider it a simple parking damage or a mischievous neighbor kid keying your car, but you will have to let the pro take a look at the damage. 

The auto body painting professional will assess the severity of the damage and make relevant recommendations. Some scratches are mild enough to be buffed out, but some might need panel replacement or repainting. 

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4. Peeling of the paint

If you notice the paint peeling on the surface of your car, it is a clear indication that your car needs repainting. Peeling is a result of the clear coat disengaging from the car’s base coat.

This means that your car will now be exposed to weather damages and rusting. It would be best to find peeling at the early stage before it causes much damage. If you notice bubbling of paint or the discolored areas on the car’s surface, you can get the opinion of an auto body painting expert. 

5. Fading paint

Wearing off of the paint occurs with time, and this causes the paint to fade off.  It is one of the most common causes for people opting to repaint their cars. Some of the other reasons why fading of paint occurs are

• Constant exposure to weather conditions – too much sun or too much snow

• Failure to wash the car regularly

• Failure of regular waxing

• Aging of the car

If you notice your car losing its initial shine or the paint fading, you should take your car for repainting fast. 

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