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How Do I Select a Collision Repair Shop?

How Do I Select a Collision Repair Shop?

How Do I Select a Collision Repair Shop?
Being a car accident can be a scary experience and the processes following that –auto body repair and an insurance claim –can get stressful. But thinking with a calm mind can save you from many mistakes that you make at the whim of the moment. Here are few tips
 for making the right pick while choosing a collision repair shop for your car.

1. Recommendations Matter

When you see a collision repair shop that you plan to proceed with, take some time to inquire your friends or relatives in the same area about the shop. People in the same locality would have visited or at least heard about the quality of service in the shop, or you can get a suggestion for a shop with better services nearby. Besides, you can go through the reviews of the customers if the repair shop has a website of its own.

2. Get an Estimate

Before you proceed with the prospective collision repair shop, you can enquire about the general range of prices for auto body repairs in your state. After this, you can ask the professionals in the shop to create an estimate for the repair of your car. Never let the workers work on the vehicle before you get an estimate since you may pay much more than needed after the work is done.

3. Location of the Collision Repair Shop

The shop’s location is one of the things that matters the most since a collision shop located far from your place can have high ratings, but you will have to pay for taking the car to the shop, which can affect the total estimate. Also, collision repair shops in upscale neighborhoods can cost you a lot even though the quality of repair might be the same as the average repair shop. A better option is to choose repair shops that will provide you with pick up and drop services saving you time and even money.

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4. Check If the Shop is Insurance-friendly

When you have auto insurance, there might be a lot of paperwork to complete after the accident. This can drive many people to settle with the insurance company recommended shops despite the lack of quality service and higher prices. If you are not satisfied with the insurance-company-recommended collision shops, then choose shops that have a simplified process of insurance documentation or the ones which volunteer to help with insurance filing. This way you can get the best quality service and also save yourself time. 

5. Check for Certification

A quality collision repair shop employs technicians with proper expertise in the field. You can ask for and verify the academic qualifications or the manufacturer's certification that usually identifies with a certain vehicle brand. This will help you make sure that your vehicle is in the safe hands of the people who are skilled enough to work on it. 

A Superior Collision Shop

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