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Paint-less dent removal repair (PDR): Is your vehicle compatible?

It is believed that paint-less dent removal or repair is a less expensive substitute for the costlier auto body workshop. However, it is important for the vehicle to be compatible with this method, to be able to undergo the treatment. Here is a checklist that will give you an idea of whether your vehicle can endure PDR.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay
Status and size of the dent:

To start with, take a measuring tape and a digital camera. Analyze the dent(s) over the vehicle and examine them for any cracks or paint damage. In case the paint is damaged, paint-less dent removal will not work for the vehicle.

But, if the paint is intact, use your measuring tape to evaluate how big the dented area is. In case the area is more than a foot long, the vehicle is not a good applicant for PDR.You can also use your digital camera to take pictures of the dents and email them to the professional vehicle repair company to learn about the price.

Condition and ageof the vehicle:

If your vehicle is older than fifteen years, it may not be a good fit for paint-less dent removal/repair. The main cause for this is that as time passes, paint begins to get brittle due to sun exposure, and may start to flake off during the treatment.

In case the car is well-maintained or new and if the damage is not in a place that has been previously repaired, the car may be well suited for a paint-less dent repair.

Location of the dent:

While paint-less dent removal/repair is an extremely effective technique in making the damage disappear, no technician can get rid of every kind of dent. If the dent is situated on an auto body repair made previously, performing a PDR can have catastrophic results. The dent being extremely close to the panel’s edge, may also rule out your car for any such repairs.

On occasions where a dent is situated over a strut or a location which is hard to access, the technician who is executing a paint-less dent removal/repair could almost remove the entire dent, enhancing the vehicle’s look tremendously. However, the dent may not be flawlessly smooth. Again, this may only happen in very rare instances.

Paint-less dent removal or repair: should you go ahead with it?

Till the time your vehicle is not more than fifteen years old, does not have damaged or cracked paint, and the damage is not too large or located in an inaccessible area, paint less removal of dents can be performed easily.

However, if possible, make sure you take pictures of the damaged area, take out measurements, and send all the information to the company so that they have the data to help you make the right decision. In case that is not possible, get in touch with the company and take your vehicle to their workshop for an inspection. Make sure you only use a professional, reputed vehicle repair company for best results.