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Collision repair: What is Regarded as Too Much Damage?

From high-speed crashes to minor bumps, most vehicle accidents lead to damages that necessitate the knowhow of an automobile body repair service. Repair of car damages are not always simple. Sometimes the most minor accidents may lead to auto body damage that can turn out to be expensive. The kind of style and impact of the damaged vehicle both play an extremely important role in defining the kind of damage that has occurred.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay
Total loss

A lot of drivers think that once their car has been declared 'totaled,’ there is no hope left for their vehicle.  A totaled vehicle is not always unrepairable. The magnitude of the damage is not the only thing looked at by insurance companies before declaring a car as total loss. Rather, the decision is also based on collision repair cost when compared to the fair value of the vehicle in the market. When the repair of the car body costs more than how much the vehicle is worth, it is known to be totaled.

Structural damage

One of the biggest and the most expensive kinds of collision repair is on the frame of the vehicle. However, it is not impossible to undo structural damage. An experienced and skilled auto body repair expert will evaluate the wrecked vehicle for any misalignment before going ahead with the decision. In case the vehicle is not able to meet the precise measurements of the manufacturer, cutting-edge machines are utilized for pulling the frame to its fundamental specifications.

Rear end collisions

Resting on the speed of the collision, a vehicle which is rear ended may undergo a lot of damage. Damage to the structure is not unusual after a strong rear collision. The extent of the damage may also depend on the type of car. As per experts, a rear end collision at a low speed, in a small car with a badly designed bumper, may cost more than USD 3,500 in damage. At the same time, a vehicle with plastic body panels that are dent-resistant can often be mended for less than USD 200.

Frontal impacts

A repair which is due to a front-end collision is normally bigger than damage to the rear end.  A head-on crash due to high speed can lead to damage of the hood, front bumper, the windshield as well as the quarter panels. In case of minor damages, the technician may select to restore the panels instead of replacing them. Excepting if all parts are pre-painted, the experts will have to coordinate the color and re-spray every panel before the car is reassembled.


A vehicle that rolls over normally undergoes body damage which is a lot more than a car which is involved in a rear or frontal crash. Harm to the entire frame is almost inevitable. It is also possibe that every part of the vehicle has suffered some damage. It is important to analyze the decision of repairing a rolled over car carefully.

Whether automobile body damage seems to be minor or major, a well experienced repair specialist must examine the vehicle for unseen impairment. Accidents can lead to aesthetic damage which is comparatively easier to repair, while mechanical troubles or frame damage are a lot expensive to fix.