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Warning Signs of a Bad Body Shop

Getting into an accident is the last thing you want to happen, but unfortunately, it happens in the life of almost everyone sooner or later.

The quality of the service and repairs impact how soon you and your car recover from the accident—whether you can put it behind you or whether you will continue to have problems for years to come.

You may have an auto body shop you have been using for years or you may be looking for a new one.Whatever the situation, the following red flags should help you avoid bad auto body shops.

Discourteous behavior

How you are treated when you enter the shop for the first time is important—first impressions do count! If the person greeting you is a pathetic or rude, that may reflect the attitude of everyone at the shop. In turn, it will be reflected in the work they do. You and your car deserve to be treated with respect.

Filthy appearance of the shop

The nature of the service creates dirt and debris. If the shop is dirty, the tools in disarray, things lying scattered around, and the customer area neglected, you cannot expect the shop to pay close attention to your car detailing or post-work cleanup. What is important is a sign of consistent efforts to control the dirt and keep the place as clean and organized as possible.

Postponement of completion date

Delays can occur, but there is a problem if a shop is known for habitual delay of delivery. A quality repair shop should give a specific time frame and regular updates.

Drastic estimate price changes

Unexpected repair costs can arise. However, a shop that presents a low estimate just to get you in the door and then keeps increasing the repair costs should be avoided. The shop should usually explain if hidden damage and additional costs are possible based on the initial inspection. 

Evasive communication

Another warning sign of a bad shop is its unwillingness or evasiveness in explaining the work to be done or the parts to be repaired or replaced. Any collision repair shop has the obligation to fully inform customers about the repair work and the costs.

A bad auto body shop is one where the results will be a constant reminder of the damage done to your car. On the other hand, a good auto body shop is one that takes professional pride in its work; treats you and your car with respect; highly values customer satisfaction; and enables you to put the damage behind you, enjoying many more miles of happy driving.