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DIY Dent Repair (Part-2): More Options for You to Consider

In the last blog we looked at some of the common methods of DIY car dent repair. Here are a few more options you can try out, if the need arises.
Glue, dowels and screws
A more complex but effective method of dent removal can be tried using hot glue, wooden dowels and screws.
  • Place two nails at one end of each dowel, on opposite sides. This is to be used as a grip when pulling pressure is applied.
  • Put hot glue at the base of the dowels and place them around the dent.
  • Let the glue dry and pull on the dowels to straighten out the dent.
A long metal rod and a mallet
Often the edges around a dent are raised upwards. Popping out the dent from below will not fix the upward protrusion of the metal. In such cases, you need to apply pressure from below using a long metal rod to push the dent up; use a wooden or rubber mallet at the same time to knock the protrusion down. You can thus attempt to repair the dent completely.
Proprietary dent removal kits
There are a number of DIY dent removal kits available in the market. Most of them operate on the same principles of the various methods outlined in this blog. They are convenient to use, but the reviews on most of them are mixed.
You are going to get dents in your car, no matter how good a driver you are. You can try to fix the small ones yourself. However, remember that the best results can only be obtained by having the work done at a professional body shop with trained personnel. I-CAR is a great resource to locate a repair center that has achieved and maintains training for its employees. I-CAR Gold collision centers have the up-to-date knowledge and training to repair your vehicle safely.
Attempting to fix a large dent yourself could often make the issue worse.  You may end up increasing the repair bill if improper repairs are attempted. Your vehicle is a very large financial investment. The best solution for collision damage is to take your car to a Factory Certified body shop; ensuring that all signs of the damage are completely and permanently erased.